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Cellar & History
In 1996 Johan de Kock (owner of Zoetendal Wines) planted the first vines in the Elim Ward. He is also the winemaker and viticulturist of Zoetendal. Johan is passionate about preserving the rich biodiversity of the area.
This boutique cellar was established in 2004.
Vineyards & Terroir
All grapes are handpicked and only from the Elim Ward.
Big differences in soil composition over short distances – increases complexity in the wines.
The cooling winds enable the grapes to mature slowly, therefore the wines have an excellent chemical analysis, well balanced lower alcohols and big fruit structure on both nose and palette.
These maritime vineyards are perfect for Sauvignon Blanc and also promising for Shiraz.
The original tastes of these wines are due to the unique terroir that sets all wines from the Elim ward in a class of their own. The coastal climate provided by the nearby ocean lends itself to a unique process, in which grapes are able to mature slowly and gracefully to produce rich and intense flavours.  
The Pincushion logo crowning the bottles adds the perfect finishing touch to these wines
Tasting & Sales
Our wines are distributed only to the most select outlets in South Africa and are distributed to the Western Cape region directly from the farm. We also export our wines through Robinson Sinclair, an exporter of exclusive wines.
Our tasting hall is open Monday to Friday from 9am-5pm and on Saturdays from 9am-1pm
Public holidays open by appointment only
Closed: Easter Sunday, Christmas day 25 December and New Years day 1st January
   Our Wines and Tasting Notes (click on a bottle below to enlarge the image and to read the tasting notes)
Shiraz 2007 Shiraz 2008 Shiraz 2010

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